The Land-o-Lakes Indian Maiden, a Symbol of Quality


The Land-o-Lakes Indian maiden began as a painting in 1928.

Land of Lakes Indian MaidenThat timeless dedication to quality has also been the watchword at Schopf’s Hilltop Dairy, home of the Dairy View Country Store. Our homemade ice cream is one of our family traditions that will have you stopping back again and again. Isaiah-ice-cream

Made here on the farm, our Dairy View brand ice cream is available in bulk or by the scoop in over 30 different flavors.

We use our own fresh-from-the-cow dairy products to create this delicious specialty right here in the Dairy View production kitchen, adjacent to the ice cream parlor. Like all of our working facilities, you can watch the process of ice cream making from behind glass as you sample the end results.

We invite you to relax in the Dairy View Country Store Ice Cream Parlor where you can choose from at least 8 different flavors of fresh ice cream featured in rotation – including seasonal featured varieties among our traditional standard flavors – vanilla, chocolate, butter pecan, caramel cashew and blue moon.