History of the Dairy View Corn Mazes


Dennis and Roxanne Schopf established Schopf’s Hilltop Dairy in the 1980’s and have been leaders in the dairy industry ever since…

And so it was, one day in January, 2001 they began to fantasize about developing a giant corn maze. Then they met the folks at Great Adventure Corn Mazes and their planning went high-tech…

Great Adventure’s services include on-site GPS mapping and on-site computerized corn maze cutting. The results… an awesome challenge and a great way to exercise brain and body – a five star adventure!

The 1st Annual Corn Maze in 2001…

The image on the right is the actual design layout for the first Dairy View corn maze. Cut in the summer of 2001, it covered 17 acres of cornfield!

The 2nd Annual Corn Maze in 2002
became Dairy View’s mascot, Cookie the Cow’s salute to America. It included an inner maze of 1.5 milles with six marker stations and a bridge (pictured on the map in blue). The outer maze included another 4 miles of trails with 6 more stations to locate on a 20 acre site.

The 3rd Annual Corn Maze in 2003 celebrated “Cookie at Play” with three different maze adventures:

    • Green Maze = 1.3 miles
    • Blue Maze = 3.9 miles
    • Purple Maze = 2.7 miles

In the Fall we began to feature special Halloween holiday events…

Dare to explore the 2003 Haunted Corn Maze!


4th Annual Corn Maze in 2004 featured: “A Salute to the Pack!”

$1 from each paid 2004 admission was donated to the Green Bay Packer Foundation. The Foundation assists in a wide variety of activities and programs that benefit education, civic affairs, health services, human services and youth-related programs.

5th Annual Corn Maze in 2005 featured: “Cookie’s Harvest!”

Cookie’s Harvest provided guests with three different a-mazing challenges:

  • The Orange Maze – 2 miles of trail
  • The Green Maze – 3.3 miles of trail
  • The Black Maze – 2.5 miles of trail

6th Annual Corn Maze in 2006 featured: “Cookie’s Barnyard Friends!”

7th Annual Corn Maze in 2007 featured: “Cookie’s Pirate Adventure!”

8th Annual Corn Maze in 2008 featured: “A Salute to Cookie!”

9th Annual Corn Maze in 2009 featured: “Cookie’s Race!”

10th Annual Corn Maze in 2010 presented a FSI…
Farm Scene Investigation!
Find out who kidnapped Farmer Denny.

2010 Corn Maze at Dairy View in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

11th Annual Corn Maze in 2011 featured the town of Egg Harbor’s Sesquicentennial…
Happy 150 year birthday!

Dairy View Corn Maze 2011

12th Annual Corn Maze in 2012 featured Cookie for President…
Vote for this doe-eyed heifer!

13th Annual Corn Maze in 2013 thanks all our Community Volunteers…

13th Annual Corn Maze at Dairy View Country Store in Door County

14th Annual Corn Maze in 2014









15th Annual Corn Maze in 2015


“Sweet 16” our 16th Annual Corn Maze
Dairy View Corn Maze 2016 in Door County Wisconsin17th Annual Corn Maze

Door County Corn Maze Fun at Dairy View in Carlsville